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MITC Organizing Partner for

2003 FIRST Robotics Competition Chesapeake Regional




The Award Winning Rappahannock Robotics Team

"It is not enough to have a good mind. 

The main thing is to use it well."

Descartes (1596-1650)

The mission of the Commonwealth Governor's School is to provide academically

talented and highly motivated high school students with a challenging,

differentiated and interdisciplinary academic program of study utilizing

non-traditional activities such as video conferencing technology to create a

regional community of learners. We strive to provide leadership in developing a

model educational program for the new millennium.


Our pioneering school is the first real-time, interactive long-distance-learning

governor's school in Virginia.  Our ninth through twelfth grade students from

King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties travel to classroom sites at

the Spotsylvania Vocational Center, Stafford Senior High School and

Colonial Forge High School.  There they participate in a rigorous curriculum

covering the four core academic subjects of English, mathematics, science

and social studies.


As we enter our fourth year as a functional educational community our motto

continues to be "Pioneers for Future Frontiers."  We continue to adjust our

curriculum and program to meet the needs of our students and the

the expectations of the community.  This year we are excited about

graduating the first class to have attended all four years at CGS.




The CGS FIRST Robotics team demonstrates our use of technology

to integrate multiple disciplines into an area of study.  This program

brings together a diverse group of risk-taking, self-directed students

to obtain financing, plan marketing strategies, design and construct,

hen utilize and analyze a robot that could represent a future Mars rover. 

All this must be done with limited finances and resources in only six

weeks time.  Success depends on students interacting with the

business community, and cooperating with them.


Our ultimate goal for this program is to develop students who are

life-long learners possessing critical thinking skills as well as individual

and team problem-solving skills.  Toward this end we are expanding

the program in two ways; first, robotics will be a year round activity

with classes in basic robotics, programming and animation; second,

we have sponsored four FIRST LEGO League teams this year, at

H. H. Poole and Rodney Thompson Middle Schools in Stafford, and

Spotsylvania Middle and Thornburg Middle in Spotsylvania.  These

teams were mentored and assisted by members of Rappahannock

Robotics.  We plan to add two more teams each year to eventually

include all middle schools in the three counties.


In 2001 the team received the Xerox Creativity Award at the NASA

Langley/VCU Regional in Richmond.



Sponsoring Rappahannock Robotics

We are seeking both financial and mentoring sponsors to help us this

season.  Our plan is: first, to attend both the NASA Langley/VCU Regional

in Richmond and the Nationals in Orlando, then to sponsor two additional

FLL teams at the end of this season and lastly, to provide two $1000

scholarships to deserving team members graduating in June.  In order

for us to accomplish this we need to raise $47,000.  Some of that will

come from student organized fundraisers such as car washes, but the

bulk will come from sponsors in the business community.  FIRST, FLL

and Rappahannock Robotics are all worthwhile enterprises and strive to

put all funding provided by our sponsors into the education of our youth,

the business community's future labor force.


What are the benefits for your business?

* Join a list of major organizations and US corporations that sponsor FIRST

* Promote a real-world learning situation for students and adults who are eager

  to learn.

* Gain free advertising: your business name or logo will be on the robot;

posted in the arena; announced as the CGS Team competes; posted

on the CGS website; and printed in all CGS publications for 2001-02.

* Donations are tax-deductible.

* Participate in a Community/School Partnership.


We are also seeking companies to provide construction materials or

equipment in exchange for free advertising on the T-shirt, CGS web site

and all CGS publications.


Where will the money go?

OVERALL GOAL FOR 2000-2001:  $48,000


   $10,000=Registration for two regional competitions @ $5,000 each

     $2,000=Sponsorship of FLL teams (four this year, eight next year)


    $5,000=Expenses to construct the robot

       $500=Marketing Expenses

    $2,500=Transportation and lodging for the regional competitions


  $20,000=Total for Two Regional Competitions



   $4,000=Registration for the National Competition

 $22,000=Transportation and lodging to the national competition in

               Florida (30 students)


  $26,000=Additional Funding to participate in the National Competition


    $2,000=Scholarships for team members.


What do you call hours of computer programming

robot building and rebuilding,

test runs, and lots of sweat and tears?


Teachers that participate in FIRST call it learning.


The kids?  They just call it fun.


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