General Information

  • The USNA web site has general information governing deliveries.
  • Delivery/Commercial Vehicle inspections will take place on the "west" side of the Perry Center complex. Commercial vehicles will be required to enter Perry Center via the gate on State Highway 450/435 (before King George Street if coming from West Annapolis). A sign is posted outside the gate.
  • All deliveries/vendor visits are normally scheduled between 0900 and 1500, and require inspection at the Perry Center. Any requests for entry times earlier should be made to LT Still.
  • Delivery requests are due to LT Still March 1, 2003.



Request for Delivery


1.       Answer the following information:

Purpose of delivery

Support for USFIRST Robotics Competition

General Description of material being delivered


Delivery location

Halsey Field House

Department receiving material

Division of Weapons & Engineering

Department POC

LT Aaron Still (W: 410-293-6187 Cell: 410-212-6322)

Company Name as reflected on truck


Rental Truck Company (if rented)


General Description of Truck with no company marking (include make, model, and color)


Date of Delivery


Time of Delivery



2.       Once you have finished, submit the completed form to LT Aaron Still at the U.S. Naval Academy via email or fax. 

      Contact information is listed below.

a.       Email address:

b.       Fax number:            (410) 293-3493

c.       Office number:        (410) 293-6187