NASA/GSFC     Sept 2001


·        The attendance at the Maryland State Fair was 486,216 people. FIRST Robotics display was located at the end of Entertainment Row.


·        11 Teams in attendance:

o          #7 Parkville High School - Baltimore, MD

o         #53 Eleanor Roosevelt High School - Greenbelt, MD

o       #225 William Penn High School – York, PA

o       #306 Corry High School – Corry, PA

o       #339 Commonwealth Gov’s School – Stafford, VA

o       #398 Ridgway High School – Ridgway, PA

o       #422 Maggie Walker Gov’s School for Government & Int. Studies Richmond, VA

o       #449 Montgomery Blair High School – Silver Spring, MD

o       #620 James Madison High School - Vienna, VA

o       #652 Seneca High School -  Erie, PA

o       #686 Linganor High School Frederick, MD


·        Award Sponsors:                 * Event Sponsors(tent, security                                        sound system, ect.)

o Autodesk       $15,000     * Raytheon

o       Sigma Space  $  2,000     *MBNA America Bank

o       Mantech Int   $     500      *Maryland State Fair

o       AAI Corp.     $     500     

·        Scholarships were awarded to:

o       Jason Dennise          $2,000    Team #53

o       Kelly Garris             $2,000    Team #398

o       Zachery Leonard      $2,000    Team #225


·        Technology Award – AAI Corp.:

o       First Place     $250  #225 William Penn High School

o       Second Place $150  #449 Montgomery Blair High School

o       Third Place    $100  #422 Maggie Walker Gov’s School


·        Sportsmanship Award:

o        $400  #686 Linganore High School


·        Each Team received $250 Travel Expenses


·        Trophies:  $400


·        Final Standings and Prize money paid after 110 rounds played.

o       1) $2000  #225 William Penn HS

o       2) $1500  #306 Corry HS

o       3) $1250  #620 James Madison HS

o       4) $1000  #422 Maggie Walker Gov’s School

o       5) $ 700   #398 Ridgway HS

o       6) $  600  #    7 Parkville HS

o       7) $  500  # 652 Seneca HS

o       8) $  400  #449 Montgomery Blair HS


    The first seven days of the Maryland State Fair demonstrations were held informing the public about how FIRST works and the instructions these teams were given. The teams used this time to practice and to acquaint new drivers to the operation of their robot. Students were also available in the pit area to talk to the public about the program and how they benefited from it. They answered questions and explained how their robot was built.

   On Sept 1-3 we held the actual competition. We had planned to run 55 matches over 2 ½ days. Once the competition started things went too well. We ran 55 matches the first day. In total we ran 110 seed matches. Each team ran 20 times. The average score ranking at the end of the seed matches was how we determined the prize money winners.  We also ran 23 matches in the finals.

   This event took on the atmosphere of a regional competition.

The teams exhibited teamwork and cooperation that would be the envy of any FIRST event. The most memorable quote from this event was from a teacher from VA. She said “ I came to Maryland with a group of students, and I am taking a TEAM back to VA.”

   At the awards ceremony Mr. Al Diaz, Center Director for Goddard Space Flight Center, Ms. Cherese Seals, Governors Office for Technology, Mr. Grove Miller, President Maryland State Fair Board, Mr. Max Mosner, VP and General Manager Maryland State Fair made the presentations to the Students and Schools. 

   At the Maryland State Fair 950 flyers were handed out with contact information for FIRST and Mike Wade At GSFC printed on them. Contacts were made from Pepsi, Lockheed Martin, AAI, Latitude 360, and Via Waye Travel some of these were given contact information for Bob Hammonds and others were referred to the teams.


    To the best of my knowledge and the information that I gathered we were the first to hold a FIRST Robotic competition in conjunction with a State Fair and the first to award that much prize money. In total $18,000 was given out in the form of prize money and scholarships. The closest thing I could find to what we did was the “Big E” in New England, but this is a multi state not a single state function. We have been invited back to the 2002 Maryland State Fair to do this again.


For more information Contact:

Michael Wade


Ph (301) 286-9101