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The Maryland Information Technology Center (MITC), a Maryland 501 (c)(3) Corporation is located on the campus of the University of Maryland, University College Shady Grove Campus, Rockville, Maryland. MITC is actively working in close coordination with State & local agencies, academic institutions, and industry to promote the widest possible employment of modern technology in education and economic development. 

The regional business environment in which Maryland competes is intense.  In this environment, MITC reaches statewide to assist and respond to local jurisdictions' request for coordination and management support. 

MITC does not offer a "business as usual approach", indeed MITC actively reaches out to find business, economic development, education and citizen access opportunities.


  • MITC serves as Fund Raising Manager and Sponsors Support Coordinator for Chesapeake Regional Steering Committee responsible for 2003 FIRST Robotics Competition Chesapeake Regional.
  • MITC has performed unique and essential service to the State NetWeekend launched 1996 and annual Maryland Technology Showcase event held in the Baltimore Convention Center.  MITC is responsible for raising more than $775,000, mostly in corporate financial support for these events.  MITC performs administrative, management and accounting for these funds and reports regularly to the Governor's Chief of Staff on the status of these funds. 
  • Maryland Department of Education Blue Ribbon Program funded $5000 grant for Student design of MEC Homepage.
  • Participated in the organizing of the Lakeforest Library Connection (LLC), a public-private partnership including such organizations as The Lakeforest Shopping Center, the public library, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, public schools and over a dozen other organizations.  MITC served as the promotional leaseholder of the space and invested around $100,000 to develop a model that can be replicated.
  • MITC served as a member of  Community College Technology Council, formed under the leadership of Dr. Fred Walsh, Frederick Community College President.  The Council developed a statewide technology plan for community colleges.

2003 FIRST Robotics Competition

Chesapeake Regional

Halsey Field House

 U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

 March 13-15, 2003

Pre- Regional K-12 Competition Events

 Maryland State Fair

in Timonium, MD

August 23 - September 2, 2002

Digital Edge Expo

in Washington, D.C.

September 7-8, 2002

Maryland Technology Showcase

in Baltimore, MD

December 4-5, 2002


Maryland Technology Showcase-where Maryland business, government and education highlight current information technologies.