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An Invitation to Nation Building in the 21st Century

For those wishing to contribute to national building efforts described in this web site MITC has an account with Merrill Lynch offices in Rockville, Maryland to receive grants of funds, stocks, and other financial instruments. When submitting grants it is important to use the full organizational name: Maryland Information Technology Center, Inc. Also refer to its 501(c)(3) account number, 84A02427 for transferring stocks, gifts, etc .The address is:  Merrill Lynch, 11921 ROCKVILLE PIKE, Suite 201, ROCKVILLE, MD 20852

The staff of the Maryland Information Technology Center, Inc. (MITC), aka Mid-Atlantic Innovative Technology Center, a not-for profit 501(c)(3), objective is to aid countries with emerging economies become  full participants in the global economy in approximately 20 years.  An important development aspect is that all sectors of the population are included which adds tremendous potential for national development.

MITC’s expertise in accomplishing these goals are based on lessons learned in actual national development programs. These lessons learned have lead to the concept of creating Institutes of Science Technology and Economic Development (ISTED) in countries with emerging economies. One or two letters precede the term ISTED to identify the country; that is LISTED is the acronym of the Liberian Institute of Science, Technology and Economic Development now a startup organization.

These experiences led to the creation of specific and detailed plans that can be modified within a couple of days to create an operational plan for countries with emerging economies.

A country’s institute is designed to eventually operate as an independent organization, perhaps as a 501(c)3 or its equivalent. After the institutes formation and getting office space the first task is to analyze the country’s socio-technological and educational development needs. Startup investments are solicited as grants, governmental and private funds to support contracts for projects linked to national development and organizational operations. These initial contracts focus on performing research and developing strategies linked to national development in all of its sectors.

MITC’s operational goal during the initial and early stages of development is to contract with the best talent and organizations globally to aid in accomplishing these objectives.  A major emphasis will be on finding professional displaced citizens and encouraging their return to employment in their country at an acceptable competitive salary scale.

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